No budget for your dental problems? No problem!

Our membership plan is a cost-effective way to pay for your annual exams, cleanings, and more!

Our in-office dental membership plan is a cost-effective alternative for anyone who wants the best dental experience and health coverage but has not enough income to cover cost at once or no insurance.

Our membership has:

√ No waiting periods

√ No annual maximums

√No pre-existing conditions

√ Exclusions

√ No pre-authorisations

Membership benefits

Our membership has:

√ Membership benefits

√ Two annual examinations

√ Two annual dental cleanings

√ Oral cancer screenings

√ All necessary radiographs

√ One professional flouride treatment

√ A take-home teeth whitening treatment

√ Up to 30% savings on ALL dental treatments, INCLUDING cosmetic makeovers

√ 15% savings on all orthodontic treatments

√ One complimentary emergency examination and necessary radiographs

Exclusive VIP-membership services!

At Fahmi Dental we believe that dentistry should be a casual conversation among friends, where laughter is heard, stories are exchanged and trust is garnered.